I’m a Featured Artist of the Week on Tickets Tonight!

Prettttty stoked to be the Featured Artist on Tickets Tonight this week.
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Landmark Showcase Festival: Final Round!

Hey hey!
I am very excited to say that my band and I have made the final round of the Landmark Showcase Festival. The final round of the contest will be held at the Rickshaw Theatre (check the link to the shows) on Saturday, Aug 9th. What this means is that if we win, we will get flown out to Toronto or Montreal to showcase for labels, A&R’s, publishers, etc.! This is also the very 1st time we will be performing as a 7-piece band and I would love for you guys to be there and help us win this thing!
Please send me an email (contact page), and I will let you know how to get tix (they are only $15).
Hope to see you there!

Charity concert to help flood relief in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia

Hey guys,

This hasn’t received much coverage here in North America but here’s a quick lowdown –
Serbia,Croatia, and Bosnia have been struggling with the worst flooding in more than a century. Many people have lost their lives and tens of thousands displaced in five days of flooding caused by unprecedented torrential rain. More victims are expected to be found as the flood waters recede.

There have certainly been many times over the past decade when we are reminded how lucky we are to be living in this relatively calm and peaceful part of the world and to be in a position to help rather than needing help.

We are playing at a fundraiser on June 6th at the Imperial and 100% of the proceeds are going to the people of Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia.
Please come if you can…
Click on the link below for more details.


Thank you for the lovely review Heidi!

Vancouver Weekly
Téa and Cupcakes
By Heidi J. Loos
Téa Petrovic, Sorry Buttons and Chersea at The Backstage Lounge, June 15, 2013.

I had no idea what to expect when I headed to the Backstage Lounge last Friday night for an evening of live music and Long Island Iced Teas. I came in a curious foreigner, but left, an ecstatic fan, with three brand new favourites: Chersea, Sorry Buttons, and Téa Petrovic. I was blown away by the distinct and powerful vocals and all of the fierce female talent of the night.

Due to technical difficulties and late starts all around, it was nearly midnight by the time the feature of the night, Téa and her band hit the stage, but their performance was well worth the wait. Téa rocked a t-shirt that read “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe”, but as soon as she started performing, the shirt quickly became ironic. It was obvious to me that the seductive and soulful vibe Téa creates with her powerful vocals and intriguing melodies is truly timeless and indestructible. It’s the kind of vibe I couldn’t possibly describe adequately because it is born from the kind of inspired performance you have to see live to believe.

Her backup singers both had unique and complementary voices, echoing and harmonizing with perfect pitch. Téa herself has the most incredible, strong, textured vocals – she literally gave me the chills. Me and everybody else! The crowd at the Backstage Lounge went crazy for Téa. Everyone was cheering and dancing and singing along. Even those of us who did not know Téa’s music before the show had picked up a chorus or two along the way. When I left at the end of the night, I found myself humming her song “Millionaires” all the way home. I am amazed by the catchiness of her melodies and the intricate stories that unfold in all of her songs. The combination of Téa Petrovic, Chersea, Sorry Buttons and, of course, the complimentary cupcakes, made for a hell of a show.



Just a little update – my band and I recently shot a musical performance video with the talented Mike Parkerson and Stacey Roy. Can’t wait to share it with you all and I can’t wait to see it myself! It’s currently in the editing stage… We are also finally back in the studio recording a few new tracks! Woohoo.
On a slightly less musical note, my friend Wanting Qu (who became the 1st ever Tourism Vancouver’s ambassador to China) asked me to join her for a promo shoot last weekend, and we had a privilege of going on an amazing helicopter ride, leaving from Grouse Mountain and flying all over majestic, snowy mountain peaks and even enjoying a picnic on one of them… Good times.

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